5 Innovative Ways Virtual Tours Will Sell Homes Faster

5 Innovative Ways Virtual Tours Will Sell Homes Faster

We’ve talked a little about our 3D virtual tours and how they can be beneficial for your business, property, or venue. Now let’s dive a little further into some specific uses for these. One industry that has really started to use 3D virtual tours is real estate. The real estate business is full of meetings, follow ups, and seemingly endless showings. So why do property tours make sense for your listing? Read more to learn 5 up and coming ways real estate tours will sell your home faster.

1) Less Intrusive Tours

Many homeowners attempting to sell their home will tell you that one of the most annoying parts of the process is constant showings, sometimes on very short notice. With property tours you can help to eliminate the number of times this will happen to you. Interested buyers can first go online to see a walkthrough, floor plan, and other views of your house before actually coming in. This means less cleaning up, less leaving on a moments notice, and more enjoyment!

2) Less Unqualified Leads

As a real estate agent, imagine you can reduce the number of physical showings you have to go through to sell a house. Save yourself time by giving buyers a place to view a virtual tour before going to the house for a physical walkthrough. This will give you a better idea of what the buyers are looking for without you having to do any work other than direct them online. Show them where they can view real estate tours online and then let them do the preliminary work for you.

3) Greater Property Exposure

This is perhaps the biggest benefit to BOTH homeowners and real estate agents. Everyone is so familiar with standard photos and videos that it is hard to stand out online. How about professional property tours for your listings? Even as a homeowner if you’re looking to sell your home quickly a 3D tour will help to expedite this process. Don’t just hope you are being found. Take the initiative yourself and drive people to your tour. The more potential buyers viewing your home the more likely it will be sold quickly.

4) Showcase Features

This is where 3D real estate tours really set themselves apart from the pack. Picture yourself navigating through a tour at your own pace and you come up something like a hot tub. Our property tours allow you to tag and describe certain features within the home. In other words you can provide a model, year, and other details about something like a hot tub. Additionally you can allocate price values to anything included in the home purchase. Good luck trying to find finite details like these in a standard listing online.

5) Control Your Experience

Our walkthrough view allows a user to navigate through the tour at their own pace. You choose which room to go into and what features to view up close. In addition to the walkthroughs users can choose a dollhouse view, and floor plan view. These aren’t the only features available though! Head over to our Features Page to see what add on services you can select for your property.
So there you have it! Our 5 ways virtual tours will sell homes faster. Whether you’re a homeowner, real estate agent, or agency 3D real estate tours will give you more exposure, qualified leads, and tools for the sales process.