Interact, Promote, and Grow

Interact, Promote, and Grow

Everybody who has planned an event or is offering a promotion knows that capturing your audience’s attention can be difficult. Online users are constantly bombarded with ads for this and that. Instead of just adding to the clutter, how about using a virtual tour to give them a interactive experience that promotes your brand, product, or event at the same time? Using our key features labels we can make all this happen for you.

If you are still a little confused as to what we’re talking about, think of it as a virtual easter egg hunt. Tag a key item in your location and post the tour to your social media channels. Using the key features you can tag the item with a description (or answer) and ask users to post it. Choose to either reward the first person to do this or randomly select winners from the list of people who participated.

A new wave of promotion is here.

Users want to be in control of the content they digest, and standard video and photos do not allow them to do this. Not only do you have the ability to us the key features as described above, but you can use multiple key features tags to put together information or tell a story. Place hints and partial phrases in different items throughout your tour and ask users to put it all together! Incentivize them and track the interaction.

Interactive experiences are on the rise. Those who learn to connect with users in new ways will push themselves to the front of their target audience’s minds. Content marketing is here to stay, but evolving quickly. Use new technologies to your advantage and set your self apart.

Our tours start at only $275 and give you multiple standard and add-on features to choose from. Showcase your space, promote your offering, and grow your brand.